The Isle of Many Names

Three Traps

After Rorick washed up on shore (with a great big smile on his face: having rather enjoyed engaging the ocean directly, he seemed to have mistaken the tidal wave for a roller coaster), SHAG set off back towards the unnamed farming village. During the night, they were assaulted by a horde of wild animals! Wolves! Giant spiders! Giant bunnies! Random birds! This absurd combination of enraged animals nearly felled Tyffani, Kyran, and Rowena. The dragonslayers of the unnamed hills! Sole survivors of the Portton calamity! Nearly felled by the combined efforts of a bird, two bugs, a dog, and a rabbit! Something had to be done.

It was determined that someone burned a Beast Lure, an alchemical mixture meant to attract animals with a maddening odor, in the camp’s fire. The hireling who built the fire dragged from his bed, but he turned out to be a milksop incapable of even shielding himself from Rorick’s blows without soiling himself, never mind try to kill them. Rambolina noted tracks left by an unknown person leaving the camp, leading to the unnamed farming village. Upon learning that an attempt had been made on his life, Arjhan decided to pay SHAG in advance with some magic armaments he had acquired.

Upon arrival, the party noted that the townspeople acted strangely: only the bartender at the local inn and tavern seemed his usual self. SHAG did not let this bother them: Rorick worked into the wee hours on his dragonscale armor, Kyran and Tyffani questioned the townsfolk about their assassins, and Rowena and Grendl stole some equipment from the local general store and left it by the caravan. Afterwards, everyone turned in for the night.

Most of the team sat down for breakfast with Arjhan and the vagrant lawyer to discuss their new contract. The lawyer seemed terrified as he passed a secret message to the team: that Arjhan is wanted for theft in Ilsensine, that a bounty was placed upon his head, and that the entire town had conspired with some bounty hunters to capture or kill Arjhan. The lawyer tried to convince our noble SHAGsmen to abandon their employer, but SHAG remained loyal. They decided to leave before they were ambushed by the bounty hunters, only to realize that the ambush had already begun.

The cook had spiced their eggs WITH POISON! Rorick and Kyran were frozen in place by the toxin, at which point the mercenaries struck. A fearsome undead warrior, appearing at first to be a drunk, swung his Greataxe. The invisibility spell that hid the hobgoblin war wizard broke as it fired a lightning bolt at our heroes (perhaps the wizard used magic to disguise himself to drop the Beast Lure into the fire?). A lizardfolk poison wizard popped out of the kitchen and strengthened the poison in their veins with his magic. The lawyer’s dread was comprehended as his shadow then latched onto Rorick and began attacking him. After a deadly, terrible battle, those four bounty hunters were slain. The group tried to save Arjhan from the poison he had imbibed. Rorick intended to do harm to the bartender who served their food, only to find that someone had done the job for them: during the battle, someone killed the barkeep and shoved his body behind a gigantic novelty cask of ale.

After Arjhan and the vagrant lawyer delivered some exposition and foreshadowing, Arjhan got to work on taking revenge against the town’s leaders and instating the dwarven lord Kavalar as mayor and sheriff of the unnamed farming village.



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